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American Conservative Party

We're a group of ordinary citizens: bloggers, town council members, civil servants, business owners, engineers, you name it. This is not an "AstroTurf" party funded by a billionaire with an agenda of his own; this is mainstream America.

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The ACP is a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement

The American Conservative Party is a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement. The purpose of this group is to give fellow ACP members a venue to share their ideas on tea parties.



Comment by Janet Contreras on July 5, 2009, at 9:01pm
Open Letter to All Who Have or Will Sign the
Open Letter to Our Nation’s Leadership
I have heard from many of you. If you have not heard from me yet, let this serve as my response to you in the meantime. The comments from so many of you on the petition pull at my heart and bring tears to my eyes, because you and I are kindred spirits. We still believe in this wonderful republic. We were asleep too long. There is no more time for sleeping. Wake up, America! Act now!

The only way to change this quickly and dramatically is in the 2010 elections. We must get our candidates into office to block the liberal, progressive agenda being pushed by the current people in power. We must replace them with patriotic Americans who will uphold our Constitution as it was written and undo as much of the damage that has been done as possible. Then we must keep our eyes on them and continually hold them accountable to us. We must not go back to sleep. We must not become complacent and helpless again.

There are 435 congressional districts across this country, most of which need a conservative candidate to replace the incumbent. There is no time to waste. Please go to and sign up so that you can be placed in your state and congressional district. We have to work together through our districts. I need you to man your local districts and push your conservative candidate onto the ballot. We can all work together and meet together there. It is essential! We need 435 conservative candidates on the 2010 ballots in every district. Please act now!

Once in the national 912 coalition, we can communicate with each other and support each other. We can talk about our local candidates and what is needed to get them elected. No more delay! We have no more laurels on which to rest. All past good works have been washed away. What have you done for your country lately? Do not be concerned if you are the first member in your district. The national and state coalitions will guide you while you build on your district membership. We are patriots, not terrorists. We cannot succeed quietly operating in numerous, scattered small cells. We must unite together one place. Please join me in the fight at

Make sure that all of your outside groups join the coalition, too. We need everyone to get candidates in 435 congressional districts. Take responsibility for your own district now! Please do not wait another day. Go to Without the help of every concerned citizen, we will not get the representation we seek. We will march on Washington on September 12, 2009.

Thank you, all, my fellow patriots. It is a peaceful, but difficult, work we are undertaking. God Bless this hard work we are taking upon ourselves. May He give us the strength and courage we need to prevail.


Janet Contreras
BP Comment by on June 24, 2009, at 12:55am
Way to go, Matt. Hopefully this will give our members a good venue to toss around ideas on how to participate locally in the Tea Party movement.