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Can You Turn A Residential Property into a Commercial Property?

Let's cut to the cause, the reason you're here is to know how to turn a residential property onto a commercial property, right? In recent times and due to the ever-lucrative commercial real estate which rakes in over $90 billion each year, turning a residential property into a commercial property has been on the increase and in popular demand. From converting the garage into a condo to converting the study into a remote office or a complete property rezoning, changing zoning from residential to commercial is a time-consuming yet worthy task.

Here are things to consider before rezoning property from residential to commercial.


Property Rezoning Assessment

The first thing you need to do when changing zoning from residential to commercial is to assess your residential property. It's a little similar to what happens when building a commercial property from the foundation. You have to consider how to get the right permits, select the office layout and fill forms. The major difference between that and a residential property is changing the entire structure and the purpose of each structure.

You would need to consider the following:

  • Costs of property rezoning - This depends entirely on what you have in mind for the structure and also what you're working with.
  • Impact it will have on the society - This is the external impacts your property rezoning would cause like traffic, noise, or activities. You would have to consider the positive and negative impacts the property rezoning would have on the society.
  • Accessibility - How accessible will the property be when rezoned for employees and clients? Are there restrictions? This should also be taken into consideration.
  • Get an expert's perspective on it - Regardless of the layout or structure of the residential area or property, get an experienced and reliable building inspector to give you more information and insights. This will provide you with an understanding of ADA compliance, future repairs, and estimated operating costs.

An assessment of the property beforehand will see you making the right choices in effecting a property rezoning. Get an accurate description, and you'll get the right thing you need and know what exactly it takes.


Changing Zoning from Residential to Commercial

This step is quite critical, as you need to get it right. Knowing the layout of your residential property makes the zoning out much more straightforward. After assessments, the next step is to go into the process.

  • Know the Neighborhood - Getting to know your neighbors and getting familiar with the area will increase the rapport you have with your community. This process will shed more light on how to ensure that both parties live and function effectively, benefiting one another and progressing as one.
  • Attend Zoning Seminars and Meetings - This will provide you with the much-needed knowledge and insight of the laws governing zoning processes to improve your decision-making.
  • File the Paperwork - Make your request known by filing paperwork to the zoning meetings and wait for feedback.


The right information to reszone residential to commercial properties. How much does it cost to rezone a property? Insights from a reliable and qualified building inspector greatly improve the final decision on how best to rezone a residential property to a commercial property and the cost behind the process.

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